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    Saturday Night 10pm to Midnight

Bowling Etiquette

What are some of the rules of bowling etiquette?
If you are in a league, show up in time for practice.
Don't use another bowlers equipment without permission.
Respect all equipment as if it was your own property.
Keep one ball per person on the rack.
Be prepared to take your regular turn on the lanes.
Be ready to bowl when the pins are set. Do not bowl until the pin setting machine has completed its cycle and the sweeper bar is raised, otherwise you may damage the ball or machine and you could be charged for its repair.
Stay on your approach while delivering the ball. Step back off the approach after making each delivery.
Try not to take too much time on the approaches before delivery.
Always stay behind the foul line.
The bowler on the right should bowl if both reach the approach at the same time. Stay off the approach while you wait.
Excessive "lofting" hurts your game and damages the lane.
Keep food and drinks in designated areas. Spilled liquid can create problems for all bowlers.
Play to win but be gracious in defeat. Bowling is both a sport and a recreation that you should enjoy regardless of the score. Be a good loser as well as a good winner.
Save the kidding for later. Boasting, bragging, heckling or griping have no place on the lanes.
We all get emotional, just try and not let them interfere with others while they are bowling.
Refrain form using abusive language or obscene gestures.
Control your emotions on the lanes. Kicking the ball rack does not help anyone.
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